Create green sustainability

IN 2001, The forest has turned from a land full of betel nut trees into a lush forest,
with over 8,000 trees planted.

When we treat the land with greater care, its beauty returns to us. Now, every April, the forest is filled with fireflies.” This marks the beginning of our journey in harmony with the environment.

The first zero-carbon travel destination in Taiwan

Starting in 2023, we initiated a carbon inventory with the vision:
To leverage Taiwan's unique ecological value, drive a new form of tourism, and create zero-carbon travel.

碳盤查 We assessed carbon emissions at Lavender Forest by collecting data and conducting thorough measurements and analysis.
碳減量 Through various feasible methods, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint generated by our services and meals for travelers.
碳中和 First, we reduced carbon emissions through various reduction methods. For the emissions that cannot be eliminated, we purchased carbon credits to offset them, aiming to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

2024 , In order to support meaningful travel experiences and give back to the environment and society, we pushed for additional carbon emission certifications and developed green leadership skills inside the business.

Every small action holds great meaning

Food Carefully understand the essence of “food” and share this knowledge with more travelers. It is our pledge and deed to spread kindness via food.
  • Sun Food:We focus on sustainable production practices, ensuring crops and livestock grow in a friendly environment.
  • Sustainable Foodwe opt for foods that are easy to obtain, have low energy consumption, and produce minimal pollution, thereby fostering environmental sustainability
  • Locavore:We adopt food sourced locally and in-season, aligning with natural crop cycles to ensure freshness and flavor.
Transportation To decrease vehicle emissions and preserve the mountain’s fresh air.
  • We advocate for low-carbon travel and transportation, primarily by promoting the use of public transportation. Moreover, in 2022, we installed electric vehicle charging stations to enhance the convenience for travelers who use electric vehicles.
Entertainment Organize guided ecological tours to deepen travelers’ understanding of Lavender Forest and nature.
  • We have transitioned from paper tickets to recyclable coins, preserving valuable tree resources.
Other Through these initiatives, we aim to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions with every small and meaningful action.
  • Fruit peels and vegetable stems are used for composting in Lavender Forest and subsequently reused as fertilizers for planting herbs. By utilizing resources from nature and returning them to nature, an endless cycle is created.
  • We utilize energy-saving pots in the kitchen to minimize heat loss. Additionally, the potential use of heat pump water heaters will be evaluated in the future to further reduce electricity consumption and enhance efficiency.

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second-best time is now. — African proverb

The ethos of sustainable living in the forest emanates from a heartfelt commitment.
It is deeply understood that everyone is interconnected with the environment and relies on it for sustenance. Travelers are invited to join Lavender Forest in nurturing this special bond with nature,
as every journey commences with the preservation of our natural surroundings.