The secluded coffee shop is nestled in the lavender-planted forest

Late Autumn of 2001, Xinshe District of Taichung.
Following their journey along winding mountain paths, Grace and Tiffany reached the forest and planted lavender, igniting their entrepreneurial dream. They envisioned a haven blending a lavender field with a coffee shop named Lavender Forest, aspiring to transform the mountain into a purple-lavender wonderland. Embracing a simpler life away from the city, they began their journey towards fulfilling their dreams.

The purple dream of two girls

Here, Grace and Tiffany’s entrepreneurial dream blossomed. With the initial spirit of integrating with nature, a commitment to environmental protection, and a pursuit of joy and freedom, they crafted the distinct charm of Lavender Forest. They envisioned a business that goes beyond mere profit-making, one that embodies local pride and withstands the test of time through heartfelt service and goodwill. Experience the shared goodness and beauty of Lavender Forest on your travels.

Embrace beauty; happiness blossoms from the heart.

A dream that belongs to everyone.
We aspire for this place to become a tranquil sanctuary for the body and mind. As nature and humanity converge, entrust your hopes here and let the forest landscape and your soul’s imagination be renewed.

Create the most beautiful scenery and dreams through acts of kindness

Sustainability is the DNA of Lavender Forest.

Over the years, we’ve transformed betel nut land into a flourishing forest, hand-planting 8,000 trees
to give back to the land with goodwill. Our commitment to a sustainable ecosystem has cultivated a verdant landscape where flowers, trees, plants, and kindness thrive. We actively foster green tourism to preserve ecology, nurture culture, engage with the local community, and achieve carbon balance. Lavender Forest isn’t just a local travel destination; it is a platform for showcasing regional specialties and human stories. By supporting local farmers through tourism, we bridge the gap between production and consumption, bringing agricultural products and memories to travelers’ daily lives. Experience the vibrant agricultural aesthetics of Taiwan and witness the dedication of these people as we strive to preserve the beauty of our land.


Transition to the forest and experience mountain life.

Lavender Forest has over 20 years of expertise in growing herbs. The deep connection extends
beyond meals and products, fostering a rich integration of precious herbs into the enchanting forest experience.
As you explore these unique experiences, let them touch your heart, creating lasting memories.
Dance with the forest and embrace the distinctive way of life it offers.


Embrace nature
subtraction life

In the embrace of nature, let small, gradual moments of healing and simplicity restore your body and soul. From this forest, we promise travelers an inspiring vision of a beautiful life.