Discover your true self in the boundless, museum-like nature of the hidden forest in the mountains.

Xinshe, Taichung is the birthplace of Lavender Forest. The area has abundant water sources and good natural conditions, thus it has a rich variety of products and flowers. Enter the forest, switch to the tranquil pace of mountain life, breathe fresh air, appreciate the greenery, and leave everything behind, leading a simple mountain life.
Two young women planted lavender here, started selling coffee, and, step by step, realized their purple dreams. The wishing tree that watches over the travelers from above and the waving flower fields that cover the hills are representations of their hopes. In this tranquil place, you can meet beauty when healing and let happiness blossom in your heart.
With the initial goal of fostering a sustainable ecosystem and maintaining a commitment to the environment, Lavender Forest was crafted to resemble a boundless museum, preserving the tranquil depths of the forest in its natural state. Visitors can enjoy a tranquil retreat, reconnect with themselves, and envision the beautiful life they desire.