At the mountain’s peak, admire the grandeur of the mountains and the river on sunny days, and lose yourself in a misty fairyland when the fog rolls in.

Located near the Youluo Valley, the area is home to distinctive mountain plants, which are often incorporated into forest meals, such as maqaw, makino bamboo shoot, etc. The Atayal people, who have lived here for generations, have inherited many beautiful cultural traditions. They aim to share the deeper meanings of their local culture through various means
Jianshi Township has the beautiful scenery of the Youluo River, surrounded by mountains. Standing in the deep and misty clouds, overlooking the Xueshan Range and the gurgling Youluo River, it seems to enter a beautiful and free-spirited realm. Here you can embrace nature, leave the city’s troubles behind, and immerse yourself in the most healing moments.
Enter the forest from the entrance arch and feel the shift from city life to the great outdoors. Relax your body and mind with a soothing lavender mist. Wander in the secret garden or explore the herb garden, experiencing the untouched beauty far from urban chaos. Stroll along the Youluo Valley, take in the valley’s serene views, breathe in the purest air, and immerse yourself in a truly healing experience